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Here are a few things we recommend considering before placing an order with one of our Catering Specialists.

QDOBA Catering - Planning Logistics
Catering Planning

Ordering catering can be a difficult task. There is a lot to consider when providing a meal for a large group. Our goal is to help ensure everything goes as smooth as possible, so we have provided some basic tips to assist you in planning your catered event.
Delivery, set-up, serving, and eating all take time. When planning your event consider the following:

Each order takes at least 20 minutes once the delivery driver arrives to set up the Hot Bar. Depending on the size of the order, it may take longer. For large orders of 100 or more, you may want to set up more than one buffet line to reduce serving time. This will increase the setup time as well.

If your event has a strict time frame for lunch, we suggest 30 minutes for everyone to sit down and enjoy the meal.

Catering Planning is important for events no matter the size.
QDOBA Catering - Planning Logistics

We recommend having at least 1 table (6-8 feet) for serving under 30 people, and 2 tables for serving between 30 and 100.  This will vary depending on the size of the order and helps to ensure your buffet line moves smoothly.  Additionally, make sure you have enough table space to seat all of your guests.  You can always double check with our catering specialists to determine the amount of table space needed.


Is there a good spot for our delivery drivers to park and unload your order?  Are we delivering to a secured building that may require extra time for us to get to your location?  Our Delivery Drivers provide their own water to set up the chaffing racks, however, if it is available on site please let us know.

QDOBA Catering Planning Considerations - Accessibility
Staffing - QDOBA Catering Planning

Would you like our staff to serve your guests or simply stay and help keep the service line stocked? We offer full service for larger events, just ask us about staffing and pricing when placing your order.

Clean Up

Everything we bring with your bar is disposable for a convenient cleanup.  Even the chafing racks are disposable!  However, you may return the chafing racks to your nearest Qdoba location and receive a free entree card for each chafing rack you return.

QDOBA Catering Planning - Easy Clean Up
Group Dynamics - Catering Planning Considerations
Group Dynamics

Every group is different. Age, gender, group size, appetite, and dietary needs are all things that can affect what you order and how much.

Do you have people with a variety of allergies and intolerances?  Take a look at our allergen information guide to see what items may be affected.

Our representatives are great resources for helping to determine how much to order and which bar is the best fit. Don’t hesitate to call us with questions at 888-778-2234, we are always happy to help!

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